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We do not have any open positions at this time. 



All City of Promise employees will…  

  • Strive for excellence  

  • Maintain the highest integrity in all aspects of agency and program operations and duties.  

  • Maintain flexibility when performing duties and interacting with others.   

  • Set appropriate priorities and plan work systematically.  

  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries, privacy, and confidentiality with clients, colleagues, and donors.  

  • Utilize personal and professional social media platforms appropriately, avoiding anything that will misrepresent or cause undue negative attention upon self and the Agency. 

  • Participate in professional development and supervision to seek guidance, expand knowledge, and use of best practices.  

Embrace a Performance-Based Culture  

  • Set and make progress toward performance-based goals established for self, program, and the agency.  

  • Seek and utilize data on an ongoing basis to inform decision-making in completion of all job duties.  

  • Reflect on individual, program and agency results for continuous learning and quality improvement.  

  • Be accountable for individual and program results and give and receive feedback to improve individual, program, and agency performance.      

Participate as an Effective Team Member  

  • Treat people in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual, cultural and ethnic differences.  

  • Be respectful in verbal and written communication to and about clients and colleagues.  

  • Actively communicate pertinent information to others in the agency who need to know.  

  • Resolve issues with the person(s) most directly involved and encourage others to do the same.  

  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and other community agencies in related fields.  

  • Participate in scheduled agency and other team meetings.  

Share Investment and Responsibility  

  • Know, understand, and communicate the agency’s philosophy and mission.  

  • Maintain passion and commitment to the agency’s work and the clients it serves.  

  • Be proactive; give and receive input and seek solutions that balance the needs of the individual, program, agency, and community.  

  • Provide clear and accurate information to potential clients, the community, other agencies and funders regarding the agency’s function and all current programs.  

  • Respect and protect agency-owned property and assets and use agency resources for business-appropriate purposes.  

  • Perform other duties, not listed here, deemed necessary for the wellbeing of the agency.   

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