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We are hiring!  
If interested, please submit cover letter and resume to
Mary Coleman
Deadline: February 22, 2021

The Pathway Coach for grades 5-8 is responsible for supporting the academic success of students in upper elementary and middle school.  The Coach will build relationships with youth, parents, school personnel and partners to identify student needs, develop a strategic game plan for each child, connect students with necessary supports, and regularly assess and adjust the game plan. The coach will work with students and families in the development of family goals, provide transportation, support linkage and referrals, as well as collaborate with school personnel and service providers. 

This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits and a starting pay range of $46,000 - $53,000.


  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, cultural competence, humility, and the ability to develop relationships of trust and respect with diverse populations. 

  • Commitment to growth and understanding of best practices in family literacy and positive youth development. 



Assessment/Case Planning/Service Provision 

  • Serve as liaison between students/parents and school staff and partners. 

  • Collaborate with parents/guardians to develop individualized plans to meet student needs.  

  • Monitor attendance, behavior, and academic progress of students.  

  • Support students in the creation of academic plans. 

  • Support student participation in tutoring and mentoring. 

  • Plan field trips and other educational programs. 

  • Connect students to extra-curricular activities, camps, workshops, and leadership opportunities. 

  • Coordinate activities and facilitate student participation in programs led by colleagues. 

  • Connect with constituents in the neighborhood; assist in distributing promotional materials. 

  • Collaborate with community agencies in the delivery of services and programs. 

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences as requested. 

  • Attend and participate in regular school staff meetings as requested. 

  • Prepare program reports and any other regular required documentation. 

  • Accept other appropriate duties and responsibilities as assigned. 



  • Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree.  in Human Services, education, or youth development. 

  • Experience: At least two years of experience in related field. Experience serving under-resourced communities required. 

  • Skills: Candidate must have a valid driver’s license. meet the minimum auto insurance requirement; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. 

  • Requirements: Frequent evening and occasional weekend work required.




Human Service Knowledge and Abilities 

  • Keep informed on best practices and emerging research related to school success, family self-sufficiency, and community change. 

  • Keep informed on issues related to critical mentoring, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • Participate in professional development activities. 


  • Participate in agency data collection and analysis. 

  • Enter all data on a regular basis. 

  • Maintain up-to-date records on program participants and activities. 

  • Respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. 

  • Conduct and coordinate evaluation of the program in order to improve and advance service delivery and outcomes.  

  • Insure confidentiality of all records and files. 


  • Meet regularly with Executive Director and Data Analyst to most effectively meet program needs.  

  • Use supervision with humility to effectively plan and guide service delivery. 

  • Work independently to provide services and use sound judgment, but keep executive director up to date on service delivery and any potential problems. 

  • Provide adequate guidance to volunteers as assigned. 

  • Be prepared for and provide input at meetings of the agency and its partners. 


Community Collaboration and Training 


  • Collaborates with neighborhood leaders to support community goals. 

  • Works cooperatively with community partners and referral sources. 

  • Collaborates with program participants to assess needs and access needed resources. 

  • Utilizes social media channels to promote outreach, participation, and celebration. 



All City of Promise employees will… 

Strive for Excellence 


  • Maintain the highest integrity in all aspects of agency and program operations and duties. 

  • Maintain flexibility when performing duties and interacting with others.  

  • Set appropriate priorities and plan work systematically. 

  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries, privacy, and confidentiality with clients, colleagues and donors. 

  • Participate in professional development and supervision to seek guidance, expand knowledge and use of best practices. 


Embrace a Performance-Based Culture 


  • Set and make progress toward performance-based goals established for self, program, and the agency. 

  • Seek and utilize data on an ongoing basis to inform decision-making in completion of all job duties. 

  • Reflect on individual, program and agency results for continuous learning and quality improvement. 

  • Be accountable for individual and program results and give and receive feedback to improve individual, program, and agency performance.     


Participate as an Effective Team Member 


  • Treat people in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual, cultural and ethnic differences. 

  • Be respectful in verbal and written communication to and about clients and colleagues. 

  • Actively communicate pertinent information to others in the agency who need to know. 

  • Resolve issues with the person(s) most directly involved and encourage others to do the same. 

  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and other community agencies in related fields. 

  • Participate in scheduled agency and other team meetings. 


Share Investment and Responsibility 


  • Know, understand and communicate the agency’s philosophy and mission. 

  • Maintain passion and commitment to the agency’s work and the clients it serves. 

  • Be proactive; give and receive input and seek solutions that balance the needs of the individual, program, agency, and community. 

  • Provide clear and accurate information to potential clients, the community, other agencies and funders regarding the agency’s function and all current programs. 

  • Respect and protect agency-owned property and assets and use agency resources for business-appropriate purposes. 

  • Perform other duties, not listed here, deemed necessary for the wellbeing of the agency.