We are hiring!  
If interested, please submit cover letter and resume to
Tiffaney Morris
Deadline: October 16, 2020


The Adult Empowerment Coordinator (AEC) is a new position at City of Promise responsible for supporting the design and implementation of adult programs within our dual-generation model. The goal of Adult Empowerment is to engage our neighbors in planning and building self-sufficiency by advancing their education and skills. The AEC will be a coach, mentor, and role model especially for adults. 

Reporting to the Executive Director, the coordinator will be a key member of the City of Promise staff with considerable responsibility in supporting the agency mission, especially as it relates to parents building a promising future for themselves and their families. This is a part-time, 20-hour per week position. 


Minimum Qualifications 

  • Education: High School Diploma  

  • Experience: Lived experience in successfully navigating self-sufficiency programs while raising children. Experience working in an office setting and/or in a community-based service agency or program. 

  • Availability: Must be willing to work in person during the pandemic; Must have a flexible schedule and be available for frequent evening work and occasional weekend work 

  • Skills: Candidate must have a valid driver’s license; Experience using Microsoft Office Suite (word processing and spreadsheets); candidate must be patient, compassionate, and passionate about helping people reach their goals; maintain confidentiality 

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Resident of our service footprint (10th & Page, Starr Hill, Westhaven) 

  • Understanding of housing regulations, social services, and public assistance programs 

  • Associates degree and/or additional post-secondary academic or professional certificates or credentials.



  • Build relationships in the community through door-to-door engagement and community gatherings  

  • Recruit and enroll adults for Adult Empowerment programs, workshops, and events 

  • Collaborate with Community Leadership Team, attend Team meetings, support Team goals 

  • Coordinate Gateway Services (transportation and other community needs) 

  • Connect adults to local resources such as job placement agencies  

  • Coach parents and other adults in setting personal, educational, and professional goals 

  • Support parents in navigating systems related to their child’s education and wellbeing 

  • Support the design of new initiatives that promote education and self-sufficiency 

  • Support the creation of manuals, policies, and schedules for dual-generation programs 

  • Collaborate with community agencies in the delivery of services, programs, and resources for adults in the neighborhood 

  • Provide transportation for children and adults in agency vehicle 

  • Assist in distributing promotional materials 

  • Monitor the front desk and phone; greet visitors 

  • Prepare program reports and perform data entry 

  • Accept other appropriate duties and responsibilities as assigned