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What does that mean?

It's true! We are finally ready to start the planning!!! But what exactly does that mean? The answer is we don’t really know yet but we can assume a few important things and we know how we are getting things started. We have had success including residents as the “Planners” on our other redevelopment efforts at Crescent Halls, South First Street and Sixth Street. AND NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!!


Here are the steps we are taking to start planning with residents:

  •  PHAR’s “Positive Vision” is ready! Take a look– we hope this represents your priorities!

  •  Westhaven Community Day “kick off” of resident planning– WE NEED YOU! - give input on design and site layout

    • - give input on housing types

    • - give input on the kinds of information you want to know

    • - give us your information to stay involved!

  •  A “Resident Planners Group”, or Groups will be established– these groups WILL GET PAID $25 per meeting to learn about redevelopment strategies, choose an Architect, and then start making a Master Plan and start working on “Site Plans” for the first phases of redevelopment. Please let us know if you are interested (contact info below)


What will redevelopment look like? It is Up To YOU!!! ...but we do know a few things:

 There will be relocation while we build

 Building will probably be in “Phases” with parts of the neighborhood being constructed first, and moving on from there

 We think it will take 2 years to plan before construction starts– we have to make sure we get it right!


To get involved or ask questions please call Brandon at (434) 531-1537 or e-mail:

What is A Resident Planner?

  • Starting now, CRHA will be planning for the full “Redevelopment” of the Westhaven Community using a “Resident Led” decision making approach.

  • We have had great successes at our other Redeveloped Sites working with Residents to Design and Make Decisions about their neighborhoods and the future.


What Do Resident Planners Do?

  • Weekly meetings at Westhaven for 2 hours for which you will get paid a $25 Gift Card For Each Meeting

  • Work with the Team and Your Neighbors to learn About the Basics, Select and Architect, Design the Site (map), design the insides of the homes, design the outsides of the homes, and many other decisions.

  • Don’t worry, we will give you the tools you need to understand and to succeed! There will be maps, models, ideas, field trips, and hands on experience to do this work.

  • Talk with Your Neighbors and get their input on the work you are doing and how they would like to see their neighborhood transform

  • We think this process will take at least 2 years
    *don’t worry we will have breaks from weekly meetings sometimes

  • Some of our past Resident Planners have presented designs and policies to the
    City Council and the Planning Commission

  • We encourage our residents to be as active as they want to be in the decision making, planning, designing, and constructing of their community of Westhaven

How Do I become a Resident Planner?

  1. Let us know! Click here to let us know your availability or
    contact Brandon Collins at (434) 531-1537 or e-mail

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