City of Promise is creating an ecosystem of support for children in one of Charlottesville’s most under-resourced communities. 

Included in our footprint is the Westhaven public housing development, constructed in the 1960s to house African American residents displaced from Vinegar Hill. Our focus on this area represents a significant investment in the well-being and long-term thriving of the entire community. Staff members go door to door meeting families, and neighbors stop by our office, a home located right in the neighborhood. Building relationships and inviting parents into the process of uplifting the community is our way of ensuring children grow up in a safe, enriching environment, surrounded by positive role models. 


291 children live in the City of Promise footprint.

65% of the neighborhood families live in public housing.

75% of the children live in single-parent households.

94% of City of Promise students are eligible for free or reduced lunches.

Our students attend


  • Burnley-Moran Elementary School

  • Walker Upper Elementary School

  • Buford Middle School and

  • Charlottesville High School

  • Located between downtown and UVA.

  • Home to the historic Jefferson High School.

  • Originally named Starr Hill because so many educated and wealthy black families, or "Stars" resided there.

  • A 10-acre public housing site built in 1960 to relocate residents who lived in Vinegar Hill.

  • Houses 126 families and is included as part of the 10th and Page neighborhood.

  • Named after John West, a  former slave who grew to prominence as a wealthy land owner in Charlottesville.

  • Named for an intersection near the center of the neighborhood.

  • One of Charlottesville's most compact neighborhoods, consisting of 83.86 acres.

  • City of Promise offices are located at 708 Page Street in a renovated home.