We envision all children in Charlottesville reaching their academic and personal potential.

If you share this vision, please join us in changing the game for our neighbors. The transformation taking place in their lives and our community would not be possible without your concern and generous investment.  Together, we can empower children and families with tools and guidance for reaching their promise. Thank you for supporting this vital work.


Promise Baby Academy

Parents have an opportunity to learn the basics of baby care and early childhood education through a series of informative classes and celebrations of parenting. Your donation ensures families and little ones receive support during the vital, formative years of brain development.

Pathway Coaching

Pathway Coaching is the key program at City of Promise. Our dedicated staff goes door to door in the neighborhood, meeting parents, enrolling children, and coaching them along the pathway to academic success.

Adult Empowerment

We want to invest in parents just as much as we support their children. Through workshops on personal goal-setting, job training, continuing education, and self-care, parents receive mentoring and guidance for their well-being and success.

Field Trips and Enrichment Activities

Taking field trips to colleges, museums, cultural events, and recreational venues is an important way to ensure kids expand their horizons. We also host after school activities and youth groups to keep kids growing and learning outside of school. Your donation covers equipment, travel costs, meals, tickets, and fees for the many enrichment opportunities that supplement academic instruction.

Community Events

Your donation enables us to create a sense of neighborhood connectedness through community dinners, Westhaven Community Day,  Youth Council gatherings, and other special events for children and families.

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