For the first nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year, we will continue to offer virtual programs as well as in-person learning centers where students can engage in their online school work.

We don't know the long-term impact the pandemic may have on student academic and personal wellbeing, but we will encourage them to strive and to dream in spite of this temporary obstacle.  Ongoing investments in our academic mission are essential if we are to successfully mitigate the negative impact of this unprecedented crisis.

Promise Baby Academy and Grades K-4

Ashley Howard * 434.270.9212 * ahoward


Promise Baby Academy will take this place online, providing a community of support for moms whose children range in age from birth to eight.  Ms. Ashley is a mother of four, working from home now, and helping her children stay on task with their schoolwork. She has first-hand experience as a former homeschooler with sound advice and resources to support any child's education. She will be in close touch with school principals to liaise on behalf of parents, and she is coordinating fun activities and incentives like pizza delivery, toys, and games to keep kids safe, active, and engaged in learning.

Pathway Coaching: Grades 5 - 8

Melissa Steppe * 434.421.5606 *


Ms. Melissa will connect with students by phone and online to support their schoolwork and to keep them encouraged during this time of isolation. Online groups will provide camaraderie and the opportunity to develop a growth mindset. Special guests will join these virtual "hang outs" to offer advice. Ms. Melissa has children at home, so she knows how important it is to keep youth motivated. 

Pathway Coaching: Grades 9 - 12

Jermaine Dias * 434-421-5635 *


Mr. D. will help high schoolers stay on track with their academic requirements and lead them in activities to help them manage their time. An experienced mental health professional, Mr. D. will encourage teens to sustain healthy living practices, and seniors will receive support in framing their next steps beyond high school. 

Adult Empowerment

The City of Promise Community Leadership Team was just hitting its stride when COVID-19 prevented the group from meeting. Meetings resumed outdoors, along with opportunities for the group to volunteer and provide guidance about the direction of City of Promise and its adult programming. Our new location on 10th Street will enable adults to gather safely for computer literacy classes and other workshops that will enhance their job prospects. 

Gift Cards

Since the pandemic began, City of Promise has distributed over 375 gift cards valued at more than $18,000. Food insecurity is a consistent source of stress for many households. If you would like to contribute to this effort, contact: Mary Coleman, Executive Director * 434.228.5153 *


We are currently supporting 12 students attending the YMCA Learning Center hosted at Walker Upper Elementary School by paying their fees and providing transportation for those who need it. We welcome collaboration with partner agencies, individuals, and funders in addressing community needs.  To donate in support of our mission, click here or contact Mary Coleman to explore other collaborations: 434.228.5153,

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