Helping individuals and families with basic needs is a gateway

for supporting their larger goals. 

City of Promise supports neighbors in emergency situations large and small. Staff members provide transportation for education-related endeavors and to the food pantry.  In collaboration with partners we distribute clothing and Christmas gifts.  We are available to help with paperwork or support kids and parents during meetings and appointments.  If we cannot provide help, we connect our neighbors to partner agencies that can.


When children in our footprint miss the bus, our staff will take them to school if their parents don't have a vehicle. We also provide transportation to school meetings and events, job interviews, and the food bank.


When families face food insecurity or the need for clothing necessities, we connect them to partners, offer a pantry bag we have on hand, or provide gift cards for them to make purchases in special situations. 


Whether Halloween costumes donated by Cville Costumes4Kids or holiday gifts donated through UVA's black medical student association, City of Promise is a conduit through which these and other organizations reach our neighborhood with holiday cheer.

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