Founder and Executive Director of H.E.R. Sports


Jessica Carter is truly a game changer and role model in the city of Charlottesville! A star athlete and 2004 graduate of Charlottesville High School, Jessica Carter is a respected youth advocate in the community.

  • As a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur, Jessica embodies the values promoted by her nonprofit. She Hustles to Earn Respect. 

  • With a Master's Degree in  Health & Wellness Counseling, Jessica emphasizes the value of vulnerability, professional therapy, and spiritual connection for optimal wellbeing.

  • She believes that every obstacle or mistake is an opportunity for learning, accountability, and growth.

  • Jessica encourages us to find joy in the success of others.

  • She will join the City of Promise Board of Directors in July to offer her expertise in positive youth development.

 H.E.R. Sports introduces girls to many facets of female athletics while building self-esteem and resiliency. You can learn more here.