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What are the important things all kids and parents should know for personal and school success?


With the help of our Operations Committee, our staff identified the following Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities as essential elements in our coaching. Referred to as our "KSAs," the information is posted at our learning centers and included in our list of goals from which participants can choose. We even provide every Dreambuilder family with their own set of KSA cards for use at home.

KSA Household Management FINAL.jpg
KSA Preparing for School and Enjoying Learning.png
KSA College and Career Pathways FINAL.jpg
KSA Student Organization FINAL.png
KSA Village of Support FINAL.jpg
KSA Communication Skills FINAL.png
KSA Positive Parenting FINAL.png
KSA Caring for Mind and Body FINAL.png
KSA School Engagement FINAL (1).png
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