From the Director

Dear Friends of City of Promise:


Can you think of a significant person or moment that changed the course of your academic life? When I began my tenure as interim executive director in the spring of 2019, two came to mind.


The person is Mrs. Bryant, my fifth-grade teacher. When I strolled in late after recess one afternoon, she scolded me with a powerful reminder:  "I know your father and I know your grandfather," she said with a pointed finger. Mrs. Bryant's high expectations were clear, and her willingness to hold me accountable left a positive mark on my developing psyche. 

The moment came eight years later when my parents could no longer afford to make college tuition payments.  With no guidance about student loans or how I could possibly return to school at a later time, I withdrew from Princeton University in November of my sophomore year and went to work at McDonald's. It was a devastating setback. 

These personal experiences fuel my passion for City of Promise.  Because our team walks the neighborhood, we know parents and grandparents who welcome our involvement in keeping children on track to high school graduation and beyond. We help families navigate systems, we guide them through their setbacks, and we join them in pursuit of their goals. 


We carry out this vital work because of you, our supportive community of donors, volunteers, and partners. Your generosity strengthens our community and we are grateful for you.




Mary Coleman