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Our 10-week academy offers an opportunity for mothers of little ones to connect and learn. Expectant moms, along with moms who have children up to age 4, gather weekly for informative sessions on parenting, self-care, and early childhood development that equip them for the journey of motherhood. Partners and volunteers lead these gatherings that foster friendships and support for young mothers.

Montessori Approach

This fall, mothers participating in Promise Baby Academy are learning about the positive impacts, for both caregivers and children, of the Montessori approach to parenting. City of Promise has partnered with Corey Borgman, Montessori Education & Outreach Director at the University of Virginia, to introduce core Montessori ideas and practices to mothers of young children.

During each weekly session, children work with specially designed and selected, developmentally appropriate Montessori toys. The mothers observe their children working with these toys, encourage their exploration, and reflect on what they are learning through play. While the children explore, the mothers engage in discussions on parenting and education topics relevant to their experiences and concerns. Topics may include self care for parents, supporting early language and literacy, developing household routines, and positive discipline, but are responsive and adaptable to parents’ interests and questions.

Moms have enjoyed hearing about Montessori ideas related to each of these topics and considering ways they can support their children’s independence, curiosity, confidence, and holistic development.

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