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One of our important goals for students is to help them

discover their interests and talents.


We do this in several ways. First, by inviting partners into the neighborhood to host activities. Second, by exposing students to teams, classes, and camps that introduce them to clubs, sports, and the arts. Children will not be great at everything, but it is important to find at least one thing they enjoy because we are all capable beings. Skill-building and fun should always be a part of our lives!


  • It is important for children to explore the world around them so that they aren't scared of it.  

  •  A lack of exposure to new things may cause children to be anxious or give up when new challenges are presented to them. This may in turn cause them to be insecure about their abilities.  

  • Proper exposure to an activity is more impactful than a quick look.

  • It is best to try new activities in a low-pressure non-judgmental environment.

  • Trying new things builds self-esteem, self- efficacy, motivation, and confidence. 

  • With the rise of technology, many children are more focused on having their phones out, ready to record their peers, rather than focus on the benefits and challenges of learning new skills. 

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