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Gateway Services


The Details

Alleviating short-term barriers is a gateway to sustainable family self-sufficiency and the ability for individuals and families to reach their larger goals.

Gateway Service resources are only available to individuals and families participating in City of Promise programs, LaunchPad, Pathway Coaching, and Dreambuilders. 

Our Gateway Services program is constructed such that families are required to take on increasing levels of financial responsibility over time and have a plan for scaling towards sustainability.


Gateway Service Highlights


Gateway Services are available to eligible City of Promise program participants (Dreambuilders, LaunchPad, & Pathway Coaching) residing in the City of Charlottesville only. We do not provide services to residents of Albemarle County. 

Sustainability Plan

The requester is required to submit a plan to City of Promise staff detailing their continuing work towards self-reliance.

Tiered Support

Gateway Services are tiered based on the number of children a family is financially responsible for. An eligible family may request $250 per household per fiscal year (July 1 - January 30) for a family with 2 children. $50 is added for each additional child under the age of 18. 

Apply for Services

Requests will be processed in the order they arrive. Please read the full policy below before making your request to guarantee eligibility.

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