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Supporting Full Families

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Pathway Coaching

Pathway coaching is an evidence-based model intended to support the academic and socioemotional growth of our community’s youth.


Focused on coaching, mentoring, tutoring, goal setting, and resource brokering, our Pathway Coaches collaborate with teachers and administrators to address academic and behavioral needs and act as resource brokers. 


At Walker, Buford, and Charlottesville High School, our Pathway Coaches support students in school and in the community, connecting them to extracurricular activities and complementary resources. 

Parent Time

Weekly classes covering essential topics from self-care to supporting a child's academic success.

P.A.C.T. Time

Weekly learning activities that parents and children engage in together.

Pathway Coaching

Tutoring, providing access to extracurricular activities, and one-on-one coaching to support personal goals.

Micro Financing

$1,500 to assist
in the pursuit of an individual or familial goal 


19-week program empowering parents and their children to reach their goals through family self-sufficiency and a culture of achievement

LaunchPad Initiative

In partnership with Charlottesville City Schools and the UVA School of Education and Human Development, LaunchPad is an expansion of the Pathway Coaching model to the 6 local elementary schools. LaunchPad offers students and families access to high-quality, evidenced-based services at a formative stage of development.


Guided by data and school leadership, the programmatic focuses are attendance, literary and math achievement, behavior, and school advocacy. 

This program provides a suite of services for students and their parents and caretakers with the goal of closing a growing gap in achievement between under-resources students and their peers.



Community Partnerships

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Cav Futures Foundation

We've partnered with Cav Futures Foundation to offer unique opportunities for our students and families to engage with UVA student athletes and invite them into our work.

Charlottesville City Schools

Our partnership with CCS continues to strengthen as we aim to support cultures of excellence and close the achievement gap locally, particularly among under resourced students.

University of Virginia

Our partnerships with the School of Education and Human Development, and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public policy, equip us with robust resources to  gather and interpret data.  

Virginia Literacy Partners

Virginia Literacy Partners have been integral to our after school tutoring program with Venable students, helping to increase reading proficiency among attendees with evidence based methods.

We're excited to continue to forge mission-aligned partnerships with local organizations. We're committed to investing in more, meaningful partnerships with mission-aligned local entities to positively impact community members.

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