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Stories of Charlottesville

Keep up with City of Promise through our podcast & blog

Envision Radio

Co-hosted by Ravi Respeto and Price Thomas, Envision Radio is a partnership between WINA, United Way of Greater Charlottesville, and City of Promise to have authentic and candid conversations about our community, focused on racial equity as it relates to economic mobility rooted in education, health, housing, and workforce development.

The show airs every Saturday morning at 7:30AM. You can listen to every episode on your favorite podcast app or use the plugin.

Thoughts from Our ED

Sometimes blunt, occasionally profanity-laden, but always authentic and thought-provoking, through Medium Price Thomas discusses the reality of what's happening in the nonprofit world. 

Follow along as we ask the hard questions about the cycle of generational poverty in Charlottesville, hold ourselves and partners (both non-profit and for profit) accountable to tangible progress, and implement solutions just a bit outside the box.  


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