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City of Promise Partners With Culinary Concepts AB

Partnership provides families enrolled in Dreambuilders program with a bespoke culinary experience

City of Promise is partnering with Culinary Concepts AB to provide families enrolled in the Dreambuilders program with custom culinary classes. These interactive classes are intended to foster full family engagement while educating participants on cooking techniques, sustainability, and budgeting. This initiative is part of a wider push from City of Promise to forge more, meaningful partnerships with mission-aligned local entities to positively impact community members.

“I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Chef AB for a while, so I’m excited we finally found a way work together,” said Price Thomas, executive director of City of Promise. “Food is such a powerful connector and an ideal model for family engagement, but for those folks who are time and resource-constrained, it can be a source of stress, not joy. Through Chef’s classes, we want to inspire families to come together around, and engage in, the experience of food, everything from the dreaming up of the meals to the chopping and prepping. We want to offer them the tools to feel confident in the kitchen and have access to a wider array of quality meal options.”

This partnership will span 3 classes, with participants learning life skills through cooking and taking home new recipes and cooking equipment.

“This program does so much more than teaching people how to cook. It leans into the fact that the kitchen serves as a hub for strengthening familial bonds and personal development, and supporting an individual’s and family’s empowerment through food,” says Antwon Brinson, founder & president of Culinary Concepts AB. At CCAB our mission is to empower people and build communities in the kitchen, which aligns with what City of Promise is doing with Dreambuilders, making this partnership a perfect fit. This is just one of the many programs we offer that aligns with that objective and allows us to actively pursue our goal.”

The hope is to expand the partnership in the coming years as the organizations both continue to look for ways to align objective to create a larger, deeper impact on the community.

About Culinary Concepts AB

Founded by Chef Antwon Brinson, Culinary Concepts AB serves as a beacon of hope for those who might aspire to a career in hospitality but who might otherwise have been overlooked. By creating a more inclusive training model and by teaching life skills in addition to occupational skills, Culinary Concepts AB opens opportunities for many who may never have been able to access a career in the culinary arts. For more information visit and follow us on Facebook @culinaryconcetpsab, on Twitter @abculinary, on Instagram @culinaryconcepts_ab, and on LinkedIn @culinary-concepts-ab.

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