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NAP Credits


The Details

The Neighborhood Assistance Program for Education (NAP) program is a benefit run out of the Virginia Department of Education that allows individuals or businesses (you) to receive state tax credits - up to 65% of the qualified donation – for donations made to approved neighborhood organizations (us).


This year we’ve been allocated $119,219, to be used by June 30, 2025. As much as we love having these credits, we'd much rather give them to you. 

This year we’re excited to offer the full 65% credit to new donors and those who increase last year’s gift by at least 50%.

Donors who increase last year’s gift by 25%-49% will claim 50% of the credit.


Those who increase their gift 0% - 24% will receive a 35% credit. 

Let’s do some quick math: If you gave $10k last year you claimed a $6500 credit, so it cost you $3500 to make that donation. A hypothetical gift increase of 40% to $14k means this year you'll claim a 50% credit and (total cost to you is $7000).


However, increasing your gift by 50% means that your $15k donation this year will earn a $9750 credit, costing only $5250 total. It effectively costs you less to give us more. This is a great way to both increase your gift to us AND lower your cost. 

Your generosity supports our Dreambuilder families striving to achieve their goals on the path towards self-sufficiency. It helps open doors for our Pathway coached students as they explore college and career opportunities. And it helps fuel our LaunchPad initiative, aimed at closing demonstrated gaps in literacy and attendance among minority and under-resourced students at Venable Elementary School. 


We know you don’t need more incentive to support education and opportunity in your community. But instead of giving that money to Uncle Sam, we’ll make sure it goes towards supporting our individuals and families on their path to self-sufficiency. 


NAP Instructions

  1. Once you have made your NAP eligible donation (thanks, by the way), please fill out the short form at the link below. All fields must be filled out.

  2. Email your completed form to with the subject line “NAP COMPLETE". 

  3. We will complete and sign the form, and then submit to VDOE. Once VDOE approves the credit we will send you a tax certificate in reply to your email. 

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