AFTER-SCHOOL SUPPORT volunteers are needed to supervise kids and support staff for our Youth Councils and Education Station for K-4th graders. Help with homework, play educational games, listen to a child read, serve up snacks! These opportunities end December 1 and will likely resume in the spring. 

Monday         High School Dinner (1x/month 6-8PM): Grades 9-12


Tuesday         4:00-5:00PM- Grades 7-8 Youth Club


Wednesday   2:45-4:00 PM - Grades K & 1 Education Station: Garden Learning


Thursday        2:45-4:00PM - Grades 2-4 Education Station: Wildrock and PB & J

SPECIAL GUEST: This is a great opportunity for the time-crunched volunteer. On a one-time basis, come share words of wisdom, your personal story, or something about your profession. We want our youth to be inspired by successful men and women in our community.


ACTIVITY SPONSOR: Can you offer our kids a hands-on experience? It might be a craft project, a music experience, or anything related to your talents and hobbies. Do you have a farm, animals, or connection to a special adventure? Let's collaborate on a day and time to expose the children to your world!


EVENT VOLUNTEERS help our team greet, serve, set up and/or tear down for Fall Fest, our Christmas Store, or other special events. If you want to host an event to introduce your friends to City of Promise, let us know!

CHAPERONES  join us on local and out-of-town excursions, usually by bus, to museums, local orchards, or colleges. We will notify you in plenty of time to plan.

CLERICAL SUPPORT is needed at the office with filing and data entry.

GARDEN HELPERS support planting, harvesting, garden/yard maintenance, or outdoor-classroom activities for kids. To help in the garden, please email Jordan@cityschoolyardgarden.org.



1. To help in the garden, email jordan@cityschoolyardgarden.org.

2. For other volunteer roles, complete the form below.

3. Contact Mary Coleman if you have additional questions: mcoleman@cityofpromise.org

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