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LaunchPad Initiative

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The Details

We have to listen to what the data tell us, and it’s screaming “start younger.” Currently, in Charlottesville City Schools, around 42% of Black and under-resourced students are reading at or above grade level. 

The Virginia Community School Framework (VCSF) is a product of the Virginia Department of Education that seeks to remove nonacademic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success.

Our pilot model, in partnership with Charlottesville City Schools and Venable Elementary School is born from this framework, centered around creating opportunities, empowering individuals and families, and providing wrap-around services to students and their parents to address documented deficiencies in reading, math, behavior, and attendance.


Branches of Support


Provides community referrals to service providers, events, and organizations. Assists families with connecting to the appropriate organizations and helps facilitate registration processes.

Emotional & Mental

Includes parental support through individual and group sessions. Student support entails individual check-ins, lunch groups, access to ReadyKids counselor & more.

Family & Community Engagement

Includes Family Events and school-wide family learning challenges, assistance with transportation/applications

/home learning, monthly

 in-home visits & more.

Student Engagement & Motivation

Includes specialized after-school enrichment activities, trips, and groups based on student needs, scholarship and enrollment assistance for activities, weekly check-ins & more.

Steps to Success

Research shows that a student's reading ability in 3rd grade is a directional predictor of future success.


Data demonstrates that around 300 minority city school students are reading below grade level. Similar data also shows that truancy among under-resourced and minority students is above 25%. Step 1 to helping our youth meet academic benchmarks is getting them in school consistently, making education a priority.

It's critical we scale this program quickly to meet the totality of the need at Venable and the other 5 local elementary schools. We can't afford to wait another day.

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